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Cleaning My PC and My Flat While Waiting For A New Challenge

August 7, 2012 by kellyy3mitchell   

I stopped playing ‘Angry Birds’ and all those casual games and decided to try out a real challenge. I had heard that ‘The Witcher 2’ is considered such a challenge. Even hardcore gamers complain about the difficulty of the game in the forums.

The problem is that with all the dust in my PC (although it’s exactly not low-end system), I had doubts about being able to run it. So I decided my PC needed to be cleaned, first. Since I can’t do it myself, I left it over to my neighbour who is a computer technician. I decided to meanwhile clean my desk using the missing PC opportunity. I brought order in the chaos and when a few hours later I got my PC back, everything was ready for my new adventure in the world of the Witcher. I decided that I didn’t want to wait for a disk so I purchased a digital copy but since it was a huge file, I had to wait for quite a while for the download. I decided to utilise that time and clean up my hard drive a bit and get rid of unnecessary files. There were a lot of these but still didn’t take that much time to get rid of them. The download still wasn’t finished. What a bore. I decided to clean up the flat next, and not to let it fall into complete ruin until I clean it, like I usually do. After I finished cleaning it all, I saw that the download was complete. I started the file installation but, like I said, it was a huge file, so I had to do something else while the game installed. I decided washing the dishes wasn’t a terrible idea. So I did that. By the time I had installed the game, my whole flat was spotless. It’s an interesting method of motivating oneself to clean. I think I might use this as an inspiration in the future. Have you noticed how the time you start cleaning is correspondent with the time when you’re computer is busy or the Internet is down? You’re so bored that even unexciting activities, such as cleaning, seem as something worth doing. So, anyway, I haven’t tried the game out yet, but when I do, I will definitely share my impressions with you. In the reviews they say it’s phenomenal and that there several different endings and your decisions matter so it should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.


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