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Emergency Carpet Cleaning At Home

July 31, 2012 by kellyy3mitchell   

Here’s something I wrote down on Saturday, but unfortunately mi Internet was down for a couple of days and I couldn’t post it. Let me tell you about my carpet and not only misfortunes.

It’s Saturday today and people think it’s a day for relaxation. Yes, it’s the first day of the weekend and it feels nice when you don’t have to work. But still, the situation at home isn’t really looking like this.

I’m home alone all day today and so I have to do all the chores by myself. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but f*ck it, it was! I was really unfortunate today. So let me tell you about my misfortunes.

First of all, I woke up in the morning and made myself breakfast. I have to work at home now because my bosses are ridiculous and somehow managed to give us so much work til the end of next week that it sounds a little bit of impossible for us to do it in time. Nobody pays me to work in the weekend…but that’s another thing.

So I woke up as I had already made my plan the evening before. I had breakfast and then made myself a coffee. And so I had already made it when I grabbed the cup with the left hot water and suddenly dropped it on the floor. I only broke its handle but I still broke it and felt stupid. Such a misfortune.

After making my coffee, I sat in front of the pc and started doing my so called ‘work’ because IT COULDN’T WAIT! As I was working normally and listened to some music I don’t know what I actually did, but I pushed my cup of coffee and it spilled all over my carpet. Now this was terrible! The carpet is light and all that black coffee on it was really ugly.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a terrible hit of panic inside me that the stain will persist and I won’t cope with cleaning it. I immediately grabbed a small basin with warm water and a sponge. I started rubbing and scrubbing the stain – it was quite big. After 15 minutes of labour over the carpet – there it was – success! The stain disappeared and I was really delighted. It turned out that when the coffee stain is warm it can be easily cleaned with no detergents or professional help – only with warm water. I was very delighted by the method I discovered and if something similar happens again I will definitely be prepared.

But, unfortunately, my misfortunes didn’t end up here. I continued on with the cleaning I had in my schedule and I managed to do everything without incidents. Then came lunch time and I was happy that my morning misfortunes had ended. But suddenly, as I was taking a glass dish, I suddenly dropped it next to the sink and then, oh then – everything was in glass. I felt like breaking down and crying, believe me.

I was short on time and this literally slowed me down a lot. Luckily, it came to me – I took the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed every glass piece that I saw, hoping not to miss anything – the consequences would have been tragic. Luckily, the day ended with no more misfortunes and I was happy.

The unlucky day made me find out something useful at least. I frequently break glass and ceramic stuff and I’m used to it, but coffee on the carpet was something strange and unusual. Luckily, I managed to cope with it and so I’m proud of myself. If something similar happens to you – try the warm water method – it helps.


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