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  1. A Window Cleaning Fiasco

    February 7, 2013 by kellyy3mitchell

    I’ll directly get to the point – I tried to clean windows, yesterday and it was one of the biggest failures one can imagine. I not only made matters worse, but no matter what I tried, the situation was deteriorating quickly. At first, there were just some strokes left, but then when I tried to get rid of them, there were more and more appearing. In a few minutes, my windows looked like nebulae – you couldn’t see much from them, except for refracting light. After trying to fix the situation (to no avail), I called a cleaning company (Cleanster – you can check them out here) to deal with this for me.

    While I was waiting for them to come, I started thinking about the reality of this situation – me, a commoner, just called a professional cleaning company (hire hand) to do work for me in order to get paid. This is happening seamlessly and without it being strange or something. Such a thing wouldn’t have been possible 100 years ago. We live in a really great time – what was considered exclusive in the past is now accessible to almost everyone. And when you think about it – this is just it – what is exclusive today will probably be normal in the future. The same goes for knowledge. What the smartest people in the world thought a few hundred years back, now every 5th-grader knows. It’s really interesting how things develop like that in time.

    But when you think about it – time really doesn’t change anything, doing things does. If you want things to change, you have to do something about it. I think this is one of the biggest problems of our society – nobody does anything. Our development is so much slower than it could be, it’s ridiculous. We waste so much time doing things we don’t want to do and we don’t pursue things that truly matter. So many things we could be doing and so little of them we actually do. It’s sad we are wasting our lives like that. Nobody likes how things are, but nobody is doing anything about it, either. Our biggest problem is our mentality. If we manage to change that, we can change the world. Is it really so hard for being nice to be people, and I mean genuinely nice, helping other, to be considered normal? Is it really so outrages to live in peace? Are we really this primitive and incapable not being selfish? Why are we still suffering this oppression? Oh, well, I guess my words can’t change the way you think so I guess I will have to just get used to it. Peace.

  2. DOTA 2 and Domestic Cleaning Responsibilities

    January 18, 2013 by kellyy3mitchell

    After a lot of searching, filling up surveys, et cetera, I finally found a DOTA 2 beta key and I currently playing it.  For those of you who do not know what DOTA 2 is – shame on you!  How can you be unfamiliar with one of the most widely played mods in the world?  Oh, well, I guess we are not all omniscient, so I will explain to you illiterate folk what the game is all about and why I’m so happy for receiving a key and being a part of the community.

    First things – first.  Since the game consumes much time, I had to find somebody to relieve me of my domestic responsibilities. After a careful study of the market I finally decided to hire Cleanster  (it was said it was the one of the best cleaning companies in London) to do my cleaning for me, because of their good prices and excellent recommendations.  Let me tell you, it’s a good feeling to not having to deal with these stupid activities. Highly recommend you do the same if you can afford it. Not that it’s all that expensive expensive, but some people are cheap, so I’m telling you, it’s a great deal.

    Now, onto DOTA 2. What the bloody hell is DOTA 2? DOTA was a mod of the Warcraft III, one of the best RTS games in history, which by the way is still played today, over 10 years after its release. DOTA took the RTS elements out of the game and made it more like an action RPG – the player generally controls only one character (although through magic he can sometimes control, minions as well) and the delightful main objective of the game is to kill their Ancient, because that’s what DOTA means – Defense of the Ancients. There are two Ancients in two symmetric bases, with the map being almost symmetric, as well. There are three lanes, and the there are ten players competing in them. It’s really hard to explain to people who don’t know what the bloody hell it’s about so do me a favour and check out some YouTube video to better understand.

    The DOTA concept was taken in by Valve and developed into a stand-alone game. A great stand-alone game, to be more precise, although the community sucks big time. Most people who play the game are so much into it, that if you fail in their vision, they start flaming you as if insults will make things better. My initial impressions of the game are good – graphically speaking it’s the best MOBA (the genre of the game – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game out there. The only thing I don’t like is the huge map, to which I still haven’t gotten used to. Most other things are the same as in the original DOTA, which is to say – awesome. The game is brutal and unforgiving so you need to sacrifice a lot of time to play it – something I am quite happy to do when there is somebody to clean my flat.

  3. Steampunk Carpet Cleaning in Clapham

    December 19, 2012 by kellyy3mitchell

    That’s right! You’ve read the title correctly – it’s not steam carpet cleaning – it’s steampunk carpet cleaning. I bought a new steampunk vacuum cleaner and I must say it’s absolutely amazing. It looks steampunk but it’s actually a normal (and a pretty powerful) vacuum cleaner. However, sadly even my new steampunk vacuum cleaner can’t deal with everything and when I accidently caused a huge stain I couldn’t clean in any way, I had to call a cleaning company so they could clean it for me. The company I chose under the advice of a friend was Captain Clean (you can check them out here if you want – They did a fantastic job with my fabulous carpet – something even my steampunk vacuum cleaner couldn’t do. I don’t know if they were the best I could hire, but they were good enough which satisfies me perfectly.

    Now, I know some of you are already wondering what this “steampunk” I’m talking about is. Steampunk is a science fiction sub-genre in art (literature, films and pictorial art, but not limited to those three). If you remember “The Wild, Wild West” with Will Smith – that’s steampunk, although the film is definitely not the best representative of the genre. In general, it is an amalgamation of modern and future technologies with the Victorian steam driven apparatuses. It’s a really interesting, albeit somewhat new genre. It comes from cyberpunk, but when cyberpunk is high tech and futuristic with all sorts of cybernetic technologies, steampunk offers a view of what Azimov’s idea of the world might look through the prism of Victorian England.

    It’s interesting how steampunk offers an alternative history or what the world would look like in a post-apocalyptic setting when steam would once more have its mainstream use. For me, steampunk is one of the most interesting sub-genres of science fiction for that exact reason.Steampunk may also refer to the steampunk subculture. This is a society of people who like clothing, acting, even living in the fantasy world of steampunk. There clubs where everything is steampunk and that’s the preferred dress code.

    It’s also interesting how people came up with such a marvellous idea. I mean, it’s absolutely magical and amazing. Everything, from the settings, to the descriptions, characters in literature and films – everything screams “genius”! But enough about steampunk. It wasn’t very satisfying finding out that my vacuum cleaner couldn’t deal with something carpet related. However, I was glad that the guys from Captain Clean managed to do it and I didn’t have to change my carpet, because I really like this one. A little piece of advice, before I finish this post – watch the liquids when you go to your living room, especially when they can leave stains.

  4. Why I Hired a Company to Clean My Home in Clapham

    December 7, 2012 by kellyy3mitchell

    If you’re in any way like me, then you have one of those lazy moments when you just don’t want to clean. If you’re even more like me, than these moments frequently turn into
    episodes. And if you’re absolutely like me, at the end of the episode when you just can’t look at your flat, you’ll just hire somebody to do your dirty work.
    There was such an occurrence, recently. I got lazy and didn’t clean my flat for more than a week. When I finally realised how bad the situation was, it was already so dirty that
    just looking at it demotivated me. So I did what I always do in these situations – picked up the phone and called Maids of London.  I was told they would dispatch a cleaner in
    four hours. “Alrighty” I thought with the voice of Jim Carey in “Ace Ventura”, “enough time to go for a walk and have a few drinks friends.
    I did just that. First I took a nice walk alone in the misty, cold, typically London day. Then, I met with my friends and we sat down for drinks. Being a “smart cookie”, I got
    alarm on my cell to warn me when the time of the arrival of the cleaner was near so I had to go. Two hours and a few cosmos later, my alarm went off and I had to go.
    When I got home, it was just in time for the cleaner’s arrival. I excused myself in front of her for being such a swine. She laughed and said it wasn’t that bad. Then I laughed
    and left her to deal with the product of my laziness. Maids of London have very polite cleaners – I’ve always liked that and thought it was important.
    Anywho, the point is that my flat shined again even though I neglected it for so long and it was a nice feeling to look at it and not getting repulsed by the sight. “If you don’t
    like it that much, then why did you let it fall into such a state?” I hear you asking. Well, for starters, I was busy working. Then, I wanted to enjoy my time without making all
    those efforts to clean. And third – stop judging me!

    As a conclusion to my story I’d like to say that it’s always nice to have a back-up plan. Cheers!

  5. Advertising

    November 29, 2012 by kellyy3mitchell

    Advertisements are everywhere – in every magazine, newspaper, on TV, billboards, big screens, busses, cars, shops or in one word absolutely everywhere. We see them every day no matter where we are, we may not pay attention to them but they have such influence on us of which we even don’t know. I myself look more than I would like to at those seemingly interesting ads of things you think you want but realise you don’t the moment you look at the ad. I mostly I only look at them and pass by.

    Advertising matters a lot, for it sells everything. If the ad is good people rush forward to buy the product. Look at Apple, for instance – if it weren’t for people’s tendency toward conformity and their desire to be accepted, and great advertisement, Apple wouldn’t be able to sell a single product. They charge double for something all of their competitors offer anyway. Yet somehow people tend to buy Apple more – maybe because they are whiter and shinier but mostly because they have great advertising.

    In most cases advertisers use people’s desire for something to sell it to them. In other cases they make a connection between something and something else as one of them makes you like the other and want it. For example, bathing suits, clothes or shoes can hardly be sold without a beautiful woman wearing them. Women are actually used to sell almost anything you can think of. And it is this way simply because when we see this beautiful woman we undoubtedly like the product. Well, not actually the product, but it is enough to make us think of buying it. And it is because we associate the woman with the product. Men would subconsciously think that the woman goes with the product. Women would subconsciously think that the product has something to do with the woman’s beauty. Ads are always made in such a way that would have influence on us but we won’t know it. There are particular stereotypes in ads, of course, and there are numerous examples to prove it. Women in ads have be almost perfect, slim, with long legs, long and nice hair and beautiful face. Men have to be also almost perfect – with big muscles, beautiful face and strong arms. Both women and men have be very sexy so that the ad is more liked and if you want to sell your product to people you have to convince them to buy it with the qualities of the model in your ad not with those of the product. Of course, ads use mostly women as they are liked by both sexes while men are liked by women.

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